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Disability Rights Legal Center is dedicated to practicing in the following areas.

What can we solve?

Throughout life, we all go through different stages that require legal advice: the rent of a flat, the recourse of a fine, the processing of an inheritance, the sale of a vehicle, etc. With Disability Rights Legal Center Services you can solve any unforeseen or legal doubt in the most comfortable, fast and straightforward way.

Who is Legal Services for?

The Legal Services is the solution for those people and companies that have a legal problem at hand and need the advice and resolution of a legal expert.

What costs are not covered?

Depending on the legal service that is hired, it may be necessary to go to trial. As it is not insurance, expenses to go to court are not included. The same lawyer will propose a final fee budget that includes all legal and expert expenses.



We have decades of experience representing our clients in federal and state courts.

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Susan Chapman

Legal Advisor

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Michelle Kelley

Legal Services

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Alice Sherwood

Practice Management

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