How To Become A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

How To Become A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers, regardless of whether they are public defenders or private attorneys, defend individuals or organizations facing criminal charges. Criminal lawyers handle a plethora of criminal cases ranging from sex crimes and domestic abuse to drug crimes, driving under the influence, fraud and embezzlement. Some people may shy away from this field, but others find it very interesting and wish to pursue it as a career. This article will provide information on how to become a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer.

• Experience And Education

As with all lawyers, the criminal defense lawyer needs to obtain a law degree and pass the American bar examination in the state in which they intend to practice. Criminal lawyers can earn board certification from the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. This board is an organization accredited by the American Bar Association to provide certification for criminal defense attorneys.

• The Job Description

In its most simplistic form, the job of a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer is to offer legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges in federal, state, and appellate courts. The scope of practice for these attorneys ranges from bail bond hearings to trials and appeals. As part of the lawyer’s duties, they are required to do the following:

– investigate criminal cases and interview the witnesses
– research the case law, criminal codes, statutes, and procedural law
– build a strategic case defense for the trial
– negotiate with the prosecution for a plea bargain to reduced charges
– draft, file, and argue motions including the motion to dismiss or motion to suppress charges
– represent a client in trial
– draft, file, and argue any appeals

• The Skills

A criminal attorney needs to have exceptional written and oral advocacy skills to argue their client’s case before a judge and jury. They must also have strong investigative and research skills to build a strategic case and establish a strong defense. Criminal lawyers need to be creative with analytical skills as they need to develop legal strategies while analyzing case law with complex litigation.

It is also important that the attorney have an in-depth knowledge of all state, federal and local legislation, evidentiary law, and court procedures. Excellent interpersonal skills are beneficial to build a solid client-attorney relationship.

Final Words

Criminal law can be an exciting world, but it is important to consider your skills and the job description. When you have determined this, you can choose whether or not you wish to become a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer.

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